GoFly Project V5 Basic Touch2

6inch standard resolution eink based flight instrument supporting LK8000/ XCsoar/ TopHat soaring apps, with flight grade gps engine and ultrasensitive variometer.

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6inch standard resolution eink based instrument supporting LK8000/ XCsoar/ TopHat soaring apps.

  • precision acoustic variometer and barometric data output based on most sensitive barometric sensor on the market with up to 100Hz sampling rate with integrated IMU sensor
  • barometric sensor pressure resolution ~10cm
  • fast 32bit microcontroller for high frequency barometric calculations and GPS data processing
  • concurrent GPS/Glonass professional grade uBLOX gps module with 2Hz data output and configured for aircraft mode for high precision 3D position
  • piezo speaker with wide audio frequency range with new efficient piezo speaker driver
  • acoustic alarms and notifications
  • active GPS antenna, with horizontal or vertical placing option for sky view and best possible gps performance
  • additional 3500mAh battery for more than 10-15 hours real flight conditions
  • environmental resistant bottom and top cover enclosure made from marine grade plastic cut by CNC machine, protecting both side of eink device and infrared touch sensors from direct sunlight
  • adjustable independent audio volume settings for vario lift, sink buzz and alarms/notifications
  • Variometer settings menu managed by one button and multiclicks
  • Dimensions ~174 x 128 x 22 mm
  • Total weight 380 grams
  • Front polycarbonate display protection
  • micro USB interface for charging, uploading maps/airspace file, download tracklogs (device shows up under computer as additional drive)
  • micro USB interface for quick and easy variometer firmware upgrade process (drag and drop firmware file under Windows PC)
  • switchable to standard ereader function for ebook reading
  • vario/GPS deep sleep option (enabled by button) for battery savings when ebooks reading

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 174 × 128 × 22 mm
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