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no delay vario with IGC/KML logger, 4.4inch clear display, external apps LK8000, XCsoar, XCtrack, TopHatSoaring compatible

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4.4″ 320x240px direct sun readable display

no delay audio vario

AGL maps laded from SDcard

compass data adjusted for local declination

WiFi/WiFi UDP/WiFi TCP precision flight data communication to external apps (ereader, android ereader, tablets without BT hardware)

BTLE, BTSPP precision flight data communication to external apps (smartphones, tablets, android ereader with BT hardware)

BT A2DP audio connection to wireless earbuds/headphones

LoRa network for team flying (pilots around, lift, position)

IGC/KML track logger

CD quality vario audio with powerful amplifier and large speaker

clear voice announcements/alarms/notifications

IMU/GPS fusion for precise wind speed estimation

METAR voice weather decoder

optional airspeed/humidity sensor and TEK audio vario for HG pilots

user friendly web based vario configuration served from vario

high frequency gps/imu/baro sensor fusion executed by fusion hub with newest IMU sensor used in realtime VR/AR

ublox M8 professional grade GPS

OTA (over the internet) updates

Real Time Clock for precise timekeeping

10 – 30 hours flight time (settings dependent)

powered by worldwide available 18650 Li-ion battery

dimensions ~115 x 105 x (20-35mm) battery size dependent

weight ~ 200grams

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 160 × 120 × 20 mm