Comparison table

All devices have identical internal gps/baro/battery PCB board. Airspeed version has additional airspeed and precision humidity/temperature sensors, with dedicated chamber and airflow canal on the back side of the enclosure for real time air properties measurements. Price difference is based mostly on built in ereader inside. Touch2 is cheapest option at this moment, but has older technology eink display.
IGC logger will be finished by end of this month and hopefully approved by CIVL. I started process of getting Position Recording level approval in January 2017. This means that V6 Basic will be logging flights independently on hardware level (from gps directly into SDcard) and on application level, by flying app (LK8000, XCsoar or Tophat).

V6 Basic GLOHD V6 Basic Touch2 V6 Basic Aura
Optional Airspeed measurement icon icon icon
Eink display technology Carta Pearl Carta
Display resolution/DPI 1448 x 1072 / 300ppi 800 x 600 / 167ppi 1024 x 768 / 212ppi
Display reading quality icon icon icon
Display Backlight only in ereader mode icon only in ereader mode
External dimensions 156 x 115 x 19mm 156 x 115 x 19mm 155 x 111 x 17mm
Weight 350grams 380grams 380grams
Touch screen icon icon icon
Touch screen technology Infrared sensing Infrared sensing Capacitive (requires special gloves or conductive stickers)
Battery capacity ~5000mA ~5000mA ~5000mA
Bracket mounting screw M4 M4 M4
Barometric sensor 100Hz/10cm resolution 100Hz/10cm resolution 100Hz/10cm resolution
Flight grade precision GPS/Glonass/Beidu module icon icon icon
SDcard backup logger icon icon icon
Gyro/Acc/Compass sensor fusion icon icon icon