GoFly FlightDeck 7C

Android 10 based with >1300nits display brightness, lag free vario, voice,  licensed global FLARM transceiver*, FANET/OGN transceiver*,  ADSB/UAT receiver*, airspeed sensor* and backup FAI CIVL IGC logger (*possible options)



to customize, configure and manage with user friendly interface. With few mouse clicks, You can adjust Your variometer settings, setup personal details, grab latest backup IGC files, upgrade firmware and many more. More details here.

See and be seen.

Fully loaded FlightDeck7C contains ADSB/UAT receiver and FLARM transceiver with lifetime license.
See ADSB, UAT and FLARM traffic in REAL TIME and be seen by FLARM equipped aircrafts. All traffic data is converted to FLARM like sentences and presented on the display by popular flying apps like LK8000,XCtrack,XCsoar and XC Guide


All-in-one tactical flight instrument with built-in instant variometer, backup IGC logger and ADSB/UAT/FLARM. FLARM transceiver is not limited to PG and HG aircrafts only. You can put it in Jet too.

Freedom of android apps.

Android 10 with play store supported device, will offer You freedom of running range of different apps, depending on needs and circumstances.  Weather, soaring forecast, METARS, NOTAMs, launch and landing zones maps are within the reach of browser or an app from a play store. 

Split screen might be helpful as well.

Need to run two different apps? Sure… 

Fast display refresh rate.

Genuine UBLOX M8 engine running at 5Hz, provides better real time screen experience, flight data calculations and wind estimation.

Single display is too crowded?  

Add another one using FlightDeck7C’s real time telemetry data bridge. E-ink readers, tablets without GPS, android E-readers will connect to FlightDeck7C over BT/TCP/UDP.

Live tracking, phone, Internet.

If You always fly within 4GLTE coverage, add a sim card and use multiple flying apps live tracking features. But keep in mind, traffic data forwarded by so called live tracking web services is many times inconsistent, and present data with delay. When finished with Your adventure, call Your friends or text them that You are OK. Keep Your expensive smartphone in Your pocket, always charged, always available.

Flying more then 8 hours?

Independent vario inside FlighDeck7C will run for additional 10-20hours, even if FlightDeck7C is completely discharged. Keeping Your IGC backup log intact. If this is not enough,  grab a battery bank and included breakproof barrel jack/USB cable. It will solve the problem. 

>1300 nits 7″ display.

It is little bit more then enough to see what is going on on the display, even in direct sunlight. Todays smartphones offer 900-1300nits. Flightdeck 7C gets over 1300nits. Included auto-brightness lux sensor will adjust screen brightness for better battery management. 

Dual speakers system.

Dual speaker system allows to play Android system sounds, TTS voice alerts independently to insta variometer audio. 


Variometer inside FlightDeck7C, is an independent device, so You can turn it ON/OFF anytime. It features top end IMU fusion coprocessor, so main microcontroller can handle other tasks. Front facing 3W speaker handles variometer audio and it is much less annoying then piezo speakers available in most varios.

Multiple UI interaction possibilities.

If a touch screen is not Your preferred interaction with display, grab a wired mouse, joystick, or BT remote controller. FlightDeck7C has USB A, USB C and BT interfaces.


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Showing all 6 results