GFP V5 Downloads

GoFly Project V5 Basic:


  • Baudrate change (from 19200 to 115200) is needed for this new vario/gps firmware to properly communicate with flying app.
  • New manual is available presenting how to perform vario/gps firmware upgrade process
  • Click picture and zoom for detailed view (will open large in new window)


GLO/GloHD/Touch2 IMU/baro – rev2

V5BasicIMUBaroRev2_v7a_2016.bin (July 2016)

GLO/GloHD/Touch2 dual baro – rev2

V5BasicDualBaroRev2_v7a_2016.bin (July 2016)

GLO/GloHD/Touch2 dual baro – rev1

V5BasicDualBaroRev1_v10a_2016.bin (Oct 2016)
V5BasicDualBaroRev1_v7a_2016.bin (July 2016)
Pico Basic v.2d_2016 firmware released 19FEB2016

Common documents and files

V5Basic KIT assembly and setup
V5Basic Firmware Upgrade
V5Basic Firmware release notes Complete set of configuration files for XCsoar/TopHat/LK8000 - unzip and copy to Your ereader
V5Basic - quick HOWTO, Frequently asked questions (first hardware revision)