GFP V6 Downloads

Firmware release November 5, 2018:


  • fixed timing for vario values sent to external flying application
  • cosmetic changes to IGC logger header to match new CIVL FAI regulations for 2019 season

Firmware release May 23,2017:


  • fixed issue around overflowing timer which was triggering unwanted sound after hour of run time
  • speeded up code, but removing some float calculations and amount of interrupts

Firmware release April 20,2017:


  • adjusted sweep vario timings

Firmware release April 5,2017:


  • fixed vario/gps module hanging in storage mode when USB cable was unplugged before turning off V6
  • adjusted launch speed detection algorithm, based on GPS ground speed

Firmware release March 31,2017:


  • added SDcard over USB (when vario is runnin, hold vario button to put vario in USB SDcard storage mode, connect usb cable to see files located on SDcard)
  • fixed bug with IMU fuser sampling
  • added instant sweep vario tone and beep vario tone
  • added independent damping settings for barometric sensor and imu sensor

V6 LK8000/XCsoar Configuration pack:


  • if ereader was recovered or factory restoring was made this pack contains common configuration setups for flying apps
  • connect ereader using usb cable to get access into ereader’s folders
  • unzip and copy to root folder