V5Basic to CondorSoaring

This page contains quick how to connect Condor Soaring simulator with V5 Basic instrument (click picture for full size view)

Few important things:

  • temporary upload of  variometer/gps module firmware is needed (there are two hardware revision, visit firmware update page for details)
  • integrated variometer/gps module with new firmware will act as bridge between Condor Soaring app on Your computer and V5 Basic (vario audio and gps module will be disabled)
  • after V5Basic gps/vario module is connected with PC, Windows operating system will detect and create USB serial port (COM…)


  • You need to purchase Condor Soaring app (~50$) http://www.condorsoaring.com/order.htm
  • If you want to fly different areas, download sceneries for Condor Soaring
    • http://www.condorsoaring.com/sceneries.htm
    • http://www.condor-club.eu/sceneries/197/
  • You have to change internal Device settings for XCsoar/Lk8000/TopHat  from GENERIC to Condor


  • Condor Soaring app when You are flying sends gps/baro data which is used by LK8000/XCsoar/TopHat as it is normal GPS.
  • Condor Soaring sends out data with default speed 4800kbs, but variometer/gps firmware converts that to 115200kbs
  • Condor Soaring send out data only when flying glider with PDA/electronics. With some school type of gliders GPS NMEA out doesn’t work.
  • You have to setup Condor Soaring to send gps data into dedicated port which will be available after V5Basic is connected to Your computer


  • when You are not flying with Condor, LK8000/XCsoar/TopHat will show error on the display “GPS not connected” or “GPS:No Data Rx” which is normal

  • You can use school option and learn basics of glider flying or free flight. Many Condor pilots have troubles with aerotow launching, so best option is to set “airborn” type of launch.








  • if You want to use V5Basic back as variometer, then you have to upload standard firmware for V5 Basic from download page (there is no risk if uploaded wrong firmware, or way to damage bootloader)
  • There is lot of information how to connecte and pair different devices with Condor Soaring. This is one of them, and it doesn’t require much configuration on computer side and additional bridging apps.
  • Happy virtual flying…